At A Glance And Annoyance

    The final week of school before the term ends is finally here! As everyone prepares to go home, I feel a slight twinge of jealousy, for I would not be going home. I will still be stuck here with all the CCAs, CIPs and PW work. One small consolation I take is in the fact that our GPP (Group Project Proposal) for PW (Project Work) is finally done away with, and the nights which I had to stay up until 2 or 3 is finally behind me. Other than that, there is not much promise in the June holidays, even if it is a month long…

    Form 6 has officially started back in Malaysia. From what I could gather, a lot of people went back to Form 6 for their pre-university course. I guess I would have done the same had I not accepted this scholarship and be happily slugging in school. Sure, I would have felt more secure back there, but there will always be no growth when you are comfortable in your comfort zone. Is that another reason why I am so obstinately staying here though I did not really like it earlier this year? Even though much of the feeling is gone by now, I still can't help but wonder, what would have happened if I had given in to my fears? I guess I would never know.

    Events come and pass everyday like raindrops. Things have happened, things have passed. With the two interviews over with, I also feel much more at calm. However, I was yet to know this was just the eye of the hurricane. From a message that I just received a minute earlier, I was told our GPP had been rejected! The most infuriating part is that it had been accepted since the beginning and was only rejected at the last minute! What a waste of time and effort! Now, I have to start over again! Ahhh… I am beginning to hate PW as much as Moral!!!



  1. shOoKying said

    icic…”jia you” for u studies oh…=) gAmbatEeH~

  2. chucky aka Drumstick said

    even though i don’t know what’s GPP, it seems to tormenting you….anyway, don’t be too infuriated by this. Man! You have a lot of more important stuffs to complete, i think…………. 😛

    And, i have been proning your return, dude!!!

  3. Suit Lin said

    Hmm, I pondered alot on that when I completed my F5, parents pushing me to go overseas, while I stubbornly chose to stay in F6.

    Is it because I’d rather stay in my comfort zone? I guess it’s a question which I am yet to answer, my dreams of teaching kept me rooted in Malaysia. (and trust me, tho UM might be as near to home as I can get, but it is least comfortable, carrying 100 years of her history and along with the idiosyncranies of malaysian uni admin and top it up with narrow minded seniors nosing into everybody’s business and lecturers who can’t lecture-to be fair, this is just some.)

    Was it a wise choice? I hope that 5 years down the road when I am embarking on my teaching career in ‘some’ school, I will say it is. Because seriously, considering all the crap I’ve taken in my first year here (with 3 more to go), I wonder whether I’d be better off doing something else, somewhere else, far far away. but then again, my dream beckons me to push on.

    And like what Robert Frost said,

    Oh, I kept the first for another day!
    Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
    I doubted if I should ever come back.

    You and I have chosen our path, and there is no turning back.

    May you run a good race and reach the dream that your heart desires.

    Take care 🙂

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