A temporary tagboard? Post all comments here… Haha…



  1. Debz said

    pretty quiet here… knock knock

  2. Fate said

    ergh… people hardly come here… haih… i am beginning to think they dont know what a tagboard is…

  3. Debz said

    oh maybe its not obvious enough on your blog for ppl to tag…

  4. mediocre said

    I want to set a tagboard but I don’t know how.

  5. Fate said

    Haih.. I guess so… Maybe I should do a post on this… Hehe…

  6. mediocre said

    No offense, but what is the choices you refer to in your post?

  7. ally. said

    tsk, what kind of rubbish “tagboard” is this? -_-” haha. go get a proper one! like tag-board.com, flooble, etc.

  8. mediocre said

    To be frank, I think he is brilliant to think of such way to create a tagboard (though not aproper one)

  9. Fate said

    Well, the only problem is wordpress does not allow the attachment of foreign html code into its website. This makes it kind of un-user friendly, in a sense. However, the other features fit me just fine. That’s why I cant get a proper tagboard. And by the way, thanks for your compliment, KSH.

  10. ally. said

    well, why don’t you just let go of the ‘tagboard’ idea then, and just let people comment on the individual entries? (:

  11. mediocre said

    Strange though, I found that visitors tend to spam the tagboard rather than comment on the individual entries.

  12. Fate said

    One problem would be that most people wont bother to leave anything there, unlike you…

  13. mediocre said

    lol I guess my reputation as a solemn and serious freak has spreaded to the whole world…… lol again.

  14. Fate said

    solemn and serious freak? lol…

  15. Zihan said

    haha, the comments I told you on msn already!hahax

  16. Fate said

    nvm then… lol

  17. mediocre said

    Nice post…..maybe I should write a blog on your newest post. No offense……lol

  18. Fate said

    Nice ad hominem counter… I am literally speechless after your comment… Lol…

  19. mediocre said

    Not sure if you have abandoned this tagboard or not, but I think this is the only way I can contact you, since I seldom meet you in MSN.

    I have to apologize to you for certain things I have done recently…hopefully that doesn’t cause too much complication…for the details I will tell you next time if I have chance.

  20. Fate said

    Huh? What did you do?

  21. mediocre said

    Well…I just tell Howard something secretive accidentally recently…sorry….

  22. eve. said

    *pokes blog*

    is this place dying?

  23. Fate said

    not really… can you guys please comment on the other page please? this page is obscure for a reason, you know…

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