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Hmm… About me, huh? What can I say? I am bad at words when describing myself… Haih, never a descriptive person 😛 All those that know me should know me well enough for me not to give a description, but for the benefit of those who don’t, here’s a brief description of me.

I hail from Kepong (that is a district at the border of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur). And as all 17-year-olds are, I am slowly adapting to the hard and often harsh transition from teenager to adulthood. New responsibilities that you did not even know about will suddenly be placed upon you, almost never with an instruction manual. But, enough on the teenage angst part. I was never a hard-working person to begin with, and that might be the reason I find it so hard. Sure, I could slave myself in front of books every now and then (novels, mainly… notes only when exam nears), but I don’t really spend much quality time with them. Sometimes I really do wonder how I manage to obtain decent grades for my examinations, lol.

Hard-headed, I can also be rather stubborn at times when my personal views and beliefs are attacked. Hardly a person to shy away from arguments, I enjoy them, to the point where I forget myself and get carried away (happens quite often, sadly). Even then, I am quite a decent orator and this trait has helped me through many a scratch in my debating days in my secondary school and currently now, as a Knowledge and Inquiry student. My personality also tends to flunctuate at times, giving me an unpredictable air. Sometimes, I am a quiet and calculative person, full of suspicion about the world, and a little paranoid or in short, just plain insecure. At other times, I could be a cheerful and loud friend, ready to burst jokes at anything I see (can really be lame at times, lol) and leading a carefree way of life. This dual spectrum of personalities tend to clash at times, though I tend to hide behind the latter a little more… That’s about it, I guess. And oh yeah, my hobbies are collecting coins and playing computer games. Feel free to drop a comment at this site.

The doors are open… A new destiny awaits to unfold…

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