Had it not been for my job application requiring me to acquire writing samples, I would probably have not chosen to come back to this blog. It’s been ages upon ages since even I visited this place, and I had not been in the mood for writing a blog entry for such a long time too. I would think my writing style has changed a whole lot, since I have gotten incredibly rusty since the last time I wrote, but the words seem to flow out pretty well, despite the lack of much flair in my writing; maybe it is all the proposal writing and competency questions that I have been drafting answers for shining through.

It is now in the fourth year of university, and I can pronounce myself happily satisfied with life now, and terrified about life in the future. Work life may be simpler than study life, as evidenced by all the happily working (read: slacking while off work) graduates out there, but I have no idea how well I would like the world outside the ivory towers of academia. Despite my numerous sojourns into the world of working outside, I have yet to be able to join the industries which I want to enter, which is why I am very apprehensive about all my applications right now.

If you had been reading my previous entries, you would realize by now that my thoughts jump all over the place while I am writing my blog entries. I came to a realization of one thing while I am writing though; that is I dont blog mostly because nothing truly interesting happens to me. Right now, sitting where I am on a chair that is not even mine, I realize that having nothing interesting happen to you is truly a sad thing.

On the flip side though, going out to do something just to get something blog-worthy is also a very sad thing to do. Is this just why I stopped blogging? My goal in life is to find something new in life everyday; perhaps I append an extra condition to that goal. Find something that is new and interesting enough to be blog-worthy, perhaps every week. even if you want to say that this is sad, it is still a goal that is reasonably good to achieve. Since, after all, it adds some flair to an otherwise monotonous life.



  1. mediocre said

    Ah well, perhaps you can consider blogging math or crpto stuff rather than daily life. Some info on “web security” would be quite nice too. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, you are right. I didn’t think of it like that!!! Great point! Click

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