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Dispassionately sitting in front of your computer with a pile of work in front of you is not the best of experiences. Sometimes, I just feel that I have lost touch with the world, as I feel so disconnected with this plane of existence. Not to say I am not up to living in the present; I actually find myself more than capable to handle life’s little challenges that come floating along my way. It is just my tendency to find all possible methods to escape from this reality that I have unwittingly fallen into that incessantly haunts me.

One of my favourite methods of escapism is probably through contemplation. Like a philosopher, I try to find the truth that lies beneath the superficialness of this world. But, is there even a truth waiting to be found? You can contemplate the meaning of life until your beard grows to the length of Rapunzel’s hair, but you are still very unlikely to be able to find the meaning that you contemplate, unless you give your own meaning to life. But, indeed, what is life? What lies after life? Why are we here?

These are probably the major questions about existence that frequently plays about in one’s mind. Some of you out there might just scoff at these thoughts, blaming the incoherency of the mind for the ramblings of this individual. However, have you actually sat down to contemplate these matters, life somehow turns out to be so ridiculous. From dust we have come, to dust we will return; why then are we trying so hard in life? why are we so obsessed with this fleeting ‘life’ as we have come to live it? What is ‘life’ even?

Unfortunately for those who wish to further argue this matter, men do not really know the nature of life beyond the descriptive ideas in our biology textbooks. What is this elusive consciousness that alows us the miracle called ‘thought’? Is it just neurons firing in our grey matters? So far, that is the only physical manifestation of thought that we have empirically observed, but that might not be all there is to this mystery.

The Russians once used a slogan to promote communism; 2+2=5. A mathematical impossiblity? True enough, but let’s not be such a stickler to the rules and observe this statement further. 2+2 is obviously 4, but here the claim is that 2+2 can make 5; so what are they trying to say? This is just a another way of saying that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Do you think so? Some people say no. Certain philosophical circles, at least. Science disagrees, with its ideas of compartmentalization and Western logic. By saying that this is true, entire fields of study in science could collapse, as we study science under a microscope; we zoom in for the micro picture before extrapolating it to the macro picture.

Buddhist philosophies, however, are slightly different in their approach. In a sense, they agree with the statement that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I am not the foremost expert in Buddhist philosophy, but let me give you an elucidation of this idea.

Let A be an object. (e.g. a flower)
Consider the components  that make up the object. (e.g. stalk, petals, smell, earth, etc.)

Buddhist philosophy states that the ‘object’ that we know it, does not exist, and is merely an ‘idea’.
To clarify, the object (i.e. the chair) does not exist, but is merely an ‘idea’ that comes into existence based on the interaction between the components (i.e. stalk, petals, smell, earth, etc.) that we experience.

Therefore, all objects in this universe is merely interactions between other interactions, between other interactions, and so on. Then, what are objects truly? I dont know. Maybe I should dwell deeper, but perhaps, this is one of those instances where we just say the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


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  1. mediocre said

    So…you are saying, that life actually have no objective meaning, or beyond our comprehension. I would agree with you on that.

    I like to view “the meaning of life” in “The Sims” manner. The game designer (Universe Parameter) never define the Sims (Life being) purpose of living. But the gamers (Consciousness) are free to lead whatever “Sims Life” they want.

    Hence…yeah, I can slack and become the laziest “Sims” if I want, doing nothing and lead a routine life. Or I can “self defined” some “non-existence” purpose, just to make the game more interesting before it actually shut down. So I work hard. I got things to achieve. Ridiculous? I don’t think so, I think it is just playing style.

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