A Chinese New Year Adventure

If there is one thing that Malaysia is superior to Singapore, it is in the sheer number of public holidays, school holidays and whatever-else-holidays we manage to cook up in a given fiscal year. Unfortunately, being a Malaysian myself, I have come to rely on the (relatively) long breaks during the festive season; one particular habit that even three years in Singapore has failed to fix. So, we international students who want to go home for the festive season, will tend to use our creative juices to compensate for this shortcoming. It usually manifests itself in the form of decreases in attendance, justified by a plethora of different excuses; but other more devious incarnations are not wholly uncommon either. I have decided to stick with the excuse of crossing over the international line three times lately, accounting for my astonishing  and unexplained 72-hour disappearance. Maybe I’ll even get points for originality there.

On another note, my return this year is a rather interesting experience, despite the fact that it is so pathetically short. For one thing, I managed to meet up with a long lost primary school friend, purely coincidentally while I was housevisiting with Victor’s group. I might not have liked my primary school very much, but you really cannot beat the feeling of trading primary school stories with someone who has gone through the same thing. Maybe it is just the sense of identification that proved so wonderfully enchanting, but it is definitely one feeling that I absolutely would not mind drowning myself in.

After some mahjong and cards, and a long session of gaming, the housevisiting group ended up travelling to Klang to find some Bak Kut Teh for dinner. That is probably one mistake this impressionable group of young adults would not make again. Most of the Bak Kut Teh shops in Klang is closed (not really a big surprise –  it was just the third day of chinese new year, after all) and we circled aroudn the city like lost sheep, looking desperately for an open one. Lady Luck was not on our side though, and we ended up travelling all the way back to Kepong, where luckily, we managed to find an open Bak Kut Teh shop.

Now, because of that little delay, I ended up staying overnight in my grandmother’s house instead, driving me behind schedule in my homework. Perhaps I should do something about my procrastination habits; it is really coming back to bite me in the behind lately. The next day, I settled for a trip all over the Kepong area, visiting people who are at home on day 4, which are few and far in between, since most of them are either still in their hometowns or went out for their little outings to god-knows-where.

And now, I am back here to the grinding stone in Singapore again. Well, at least I got a card waiting for me to read after this. Perhaps it is these little pleasures in life that we should learn to enjoy, and not worry too much about the big things that are not directly under our control.


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  1. mediocre said

    No wonder you feel nostalgic…yeah, Malaysian tend to have a more relaxed lifestyle than Singaporean. (But that also contribute to the inefficiency of some government servant, unfortunately)

    Anyway, happy chinese new year. (I spend my CNY by using my laptop whole day in my home town =.=)

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