Weird Moods

If there’s one thing about my brain that I don’t like, it is the fact that it seems to have a mind of its own (aside form mine, of course). I could swear I heard a malicious snigger somewhere in the recesses of my mind just now. I have neglected this blog for some time now, not because I have nothing to say, but because I have not had the mood to actually update it, or the patience to type my normal long entries in my computer. This becomes especially true when I haven’t even enough time to get myself some entertainment, let alone time to structure and type out my lengthy blog entries.

As for why I was condemning my brain, it is more of the fact that I have an exam coming up in a few hours, and try as I might, I could not seem to concentrate on studying at the current moment. Thus, here I am, updating this blog after a long period of hiatus. To be honest, I do not find french especially difficult or distasteful, but more of another extension of english that would be pretty interesting when learnt. The fact that I am still struggling with the basic grammar, and the gender of inanimate objects does tend to murk this feeling up a bit, unfortunately.

Aside from my french predicament, I am also chalking up a spending problem. Food is no longer catered as in my JC years, but have to be bought now. This has led to a more abrupt decline in my finances, and caused me to think of alternative sources of financing. One of the options I considered is tuition, but the transport will be a problem. I may yet be able to come to a compromise for that though, because I have a plan in motion..

My hall in NTU is Hall 14, one of the more isolated halls in the university and is situated a full twenty-minute stride away from my faculty. As the bus tends to get a little inefficient sometimes (definitely not as bad as Malaysia’s buses), I tend to walk to school more, unless I am hopelessly late, in which case, it didn’t matter if I did bother to walk, since I will be late anyway. There is also another person from Kepong in my hall, Kok Xian, from Kepong Baru. Pretty coincidental, since I really did not expect it.

Perhaps it is because we are from a similar hometown, but we turned into close friends pretty quickly. Maybe it is because it is my third year in Singapore, but the first-year freshmen seems wholly insecure to me. They coagulate into groups very quickly, and the group bonds could dissolve just as quickly. Did this happen during my JC1 year? Perhaps, but I am really not very sure about it now. Maybe I am so comfortable in Singapore because I do have a group of friends who I have been around for two years already, namely my JC friends and classmates.

Back to my hometown-mate, he made an observation that couples form very quickly in university. From what I can see, it is not entirely true, but I do not deny that the courting process does go faster here than compared to JC. Is it because of the additional time spent together? Or another matter altogether? Either way, it does not matter much to me, though I do feel a twinge of discomfort witnessing some of the more blatantly open PDAs around.

Well, time’s up. Guess it is back to studying for me. Wish me luck for the exams later?


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  1. eve. said

    couples… couples?!? Whaaa?

    … no. really, no.

    seeing someone passed out from drinking kills the mood instantly. oh. and the puddle-of-puke thing. and floor sucking. mmmm….

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