5 cm/s

Do you know how fast a sakura petal falls to the ground? That’s right; it’s the speed as stated above in the title of this post, five centimeters per second.

I initially did not pay much attention to the fact above, as it just seems like a random title for an animation movie I picked up randomly just now. However, I feel a much deeper significance to it now. The movie was trying to quote the speed as the speed in which we humans drift apart from the people we know.

Of course the speed is not to be taken literally, but that is not to say that it does not have a shred of truth in it. It doesn’t matter if two people are best friends or lovers or just plain acquaintances; the twin factors of time and distance takes a heavy toll on the strength of a relationship.

Perhaps, as an individual who has plunged himself into an entirely foreign land (even if it is not that far a place from home, relatively speaking), I observe a greater effect of this phenomenon than other individuals. Throughout my two years across just one strait, I had forgotten a great deal of my life before then, only reminiscing when I came back, and finding the relationships I left behind, lacking.

Maybe because it is because I was very busy during those two years, or because humans are essentially very adaptable creatures, a great deal of my memories just vanished, like a camera film exposed to bright sunlight, to be replaced with memories of my time there.

However, when I got back, the ‘over-exposed’ memories started to return, not completely, but slowly and with a strong hint of nostalgia. As the process continues, it was as if I never left in the first place, but merely traversed two years into the future, and picked up on my relationships from the point 730 days in the past.

While this is not entirely possible, it is an assumption I am forced to make to deal with the friends I have not seen in two years. Following the speed of the sakura petal, I should be now 3,153.6 km away (a daunting distance indeed). I guess I’ll have to slowly make up the distance, huh?

It has been two years; they are not the people they had been, and I am not the person I was. Perhaps this is just my sleepy self talking, but I don’t really know what to do about it. Maybe, just maybe, I could slowly work things out. Realistically, though, as we now knock upon the doors of tertiary education, we are much more likely to drift further apart, than to mend our relationships with each other.



  1. nic said

    so.. so we are 3153.6km apart..
    so what we need to do is to strengthen our relationship..with the speed of light if we are doing it right..
    so it takes only 0.01second. so another two years would be 0.02seconds.

  2. Chaos_Legion said

    Human as part of the nature obeys the 2nd Law of Thermodynamic. It is more feasible for a relationship to fade into disorder rather than building an orderly relationship. To strengthen relationship in the speed of light you will need near to infinite energy….so probably speed of sound will do. lol Even then a lot of energy need to be spent. (But better than letting a relationship fade into disorder)

  3. satharial said

    The post was just made for reminiscing, you know. Energy expenditure at the speed of light (or the speed of sound), mind you, is a buried a little too deep in physics for it to mix well with nostalgia. In any case, it is quite true that all of us are drifting apart. Maybe a gathering is in order?

  4. nic said

    there are a lot of things which cannot be measured, but every time we meet, it strengthen our relationship. We have not met each other for such a long time, and when we meet each other, we feel closer, isn’t it happening fast (ok, not speed of light or sound)
    i didn’t expect a comment like chaos_legion’s. haha..
    and i played Chaos_legion, nice game

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