I have had restricted access to the internet lately. For the month of January and earlier this month, I had been in Sabah, and effectively offline. When I came back, I had to rotate between staying in my grandmother’s house and my own house in Cheras for some time. Regrettably, my grandmother’s house also does not have access to the internet. This has affected how often I update this site. Recently, I have also come to realise that I have gotten lazier and lazier in an attempt to probably get as much rest as possible before the school term begins (which is still quite far away).

They say laziness has no better cure than yourself, and I am forced to agree. However, even with a willing heart, I had problems overcoming this obstacle. After all, who wouldn’t if their mind could supply a thousand reasons against the plan of action in hand? Perhaps I should just start forcing myself to get down to work, like in this particular moment.

But, as always, my mind drifts off to other issues. In this case, I was pondering upon the origin of laziness. How exactly do we explain laziness in this world? Realising the explanatory power of the theory of evolution, I tried to set this theory to work against this phenomenon. It is then when I come across several interesting road blocks.

Firstly, it is rather painfully obvious that laziness does not present any advantage to life in general, besides the benefit of saving our energy. However, it is also duly noted that lazy individuals, in general, do not survive as well as the more hardworking members of the species. How then, did this trait manage to maintain its manifestation for so long among life on Earth?

Secondly, laziness, is more of a psychological trait than a physical one. This means that traits like this are not as easily (relatively) passed on to the next generation as their physical counterparts. Yet, it is such a prevalent habit among people of all generations, and from all walks of life.

The evidence points to the idea of laziness being inbuilt into the brain. Perhaps this is very much so. Like I pointed out earlier, laziness has the advantage of preserving energy. Perhaps, it would then be apt to argue that laziness is our mind’s way of telling us to preserve energy? Tell that to the couch potato, I’m very sure he would agree.

Couch potatoes aside, we (or at least, I) could not really pinpoint the origin of laziness very well, if at all. Or perhaps, after all, my mind is still lazy from the thought of having a long vacation. In any case, I shall leave the matter at hand at that. Or, would anyone like to take up the challenge?


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