MU: Teaching

Teaching. One of the few professions where the working hours do not even remotely reflect the actual workload of the profession.

I started as a teacher today in a tuition center in Taman Daya, having undergone the interview a few days ago. The principal (which is how I call the owner of the tuition center) is quite a nice and friendly guy, even treating me to a drink or two on the interview day itself.

Although I would have much rather taught any other subject, somehow, I ended up teaching Malay to the Chinese-educated secondary students. Why couldn’t they have given me a less troublesome subject like Mathematics or any of the Sciences? At least they have topics clearly delineated.

Anyway, there I was ending up teaching a bunch of Form 1s and 2s. I guess it could have been worse. I used the previous teacher’s notes and dragged them through the lesson. Maybe it was not all that bad. After all, I managed to crack a few laughs in between. Perhaps, as time went on, I will get better at this.

P.S. I did not really notice until someone pointed out to me, but I did not really feel nervous teaching in front of the class. Maybe it is karma from all those interviews and the few lectures I have given in front of full-fledged lecture theaters that softened the impact. Anyway, I am not complaining about it though. (:


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