2007 is nearing its end. And so another chapter of my life closes, with endings and beginnings. At the epilogue of every series, story and any other narrative we could think of, we will look back, and see how much the characters have changed throughout the narrative. Perhaps this is why people who went through near-death experiences say that they get to see a snapshot of their life flashing in front of their eyes before the inevitable happened.

We, humans, are blessed (or cursed, depending on your perception) with the gift of long-term memory, a gift that precious few other species share. That is why, some people say, we should learn from our mistakes, and strive to better ourselves. But, most of the time, our past tends to summon strong emotions, that interferes with our rational thought and action.

Memories are precious to me. They are the reason why I am who I am. Learn to cherish them better.. as we head toward a new year.


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