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After two years in Singapore, I am finally back in Malaysia. It had been a long and arduous journey, which in retrospect, I find myself wondering if it was a dream. Unfortunately for my senses, the ‘dream’ is very much a reality. Perhaps I had been expecting a very different experience when I first signed up for it; but then again, I knew the repercussions, just that I happily chose to ignore them. Well, enough harping on the topic; I am already back, and that, is what that counts.

My last day in Singapore had been anything but a breeze. The day began with my SAT Reasoning Test, which, to my horror, compiled the mathematics and critical reading sections together. And there I was, happily looking forward to some resting time for the mathematics sections in between the critical reading sections. Turns out Murphy’s Law reigned supreme that day. But that’s not the end of my worries. After the exam, I went out for lunch with my friends, which while quite enjoyable, was to be my last meal in Singapore, which I have learned to call home for some time.

That was the calm before the storm. When I got back to the hostel, the hustle and bustle of packing made me leave some stuff behind (obviously only noticeable in hindsight), namely, some clothes (I suspect), food and several less important documents, luckily. Then, of all the times it could have done so, my hard disk drive (yes, the 500GB one) decided to give up on me and die. Thank you very much, since the warranty is only valid in Singapore and I am going back to MALAYSIA in one hour’s time. After the packing, I had to rush all the way to the bus, which I got to in the nick of time; the bus was already leaving when I got there.

The return home was relatively uneventful after that, punctured only by the realisation that I have finally finished all the examinations I would face for a while, at least, which elicited a silent whoop of joy in my mind. However, I still needed to focus for the interview I had to face on December 3rd.

Enter the day of the interview. It started out like any other day, with breakfast and the works, but I soon left home to go to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel beside the Petronas Twin Towers. It was only upon setting foot onto their premises that I realised I had not set foot on the interior of a 5-Star hotel before. Forgive the ‘kampung’ kid rant, but it was really quite a sight, with the rich tapestries and high ceilings. But enough on the intimidating scenery, the interview itself was rather interesting, and not as scary as I thought it would be.

There were three interviewers (one more than mentioned), two from Hong Kong and one from Malaysia. The (English, I presume, but could have been of any other European decent, given my inexperience with them) guy in the center was rather amiable, with his tendencies to crack jokes, lifting the heavy atmosphere a little. He, who I gathered from Ms. Kanaga outside, is a director, and spearheaded most of the questions during the interview. The woman at my right, who I took to be Chinese, since she talked with a Chinese accent, was also rather friendly. The Malay guy to my left, however, was calm and collected, almost aloof in his tendencies.

The interview went rather well, with them asking questions and me answering (an interview standard which I have come to expect, and hope to get). In summary and retrospect, I think the interview went quite well, and I hope to make it through. Then, it is off to Hong Kong for the final leg of the interviews. But before that, I will have to finish all my application works at hand first. d:



  1. Requiem said

    I hope your interview goes well…Btw, you could have passed me your hard drive and warranty card and I would helped you to repair it and steal all your information inside. :p

  2. KH+10 said

    All the best man! XD

  3. Debz said

    Break a leg! Hope to see you around ^^

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