After much pestering from various individuals, I am finally reviving this blog which has lain abandoned underneath the sands of time since before Prelims. Running back my mind through the previous few months, I just realised that I had no life for the period between the end of the June Holidays and November 22nd (my official end of A Levels). What is left right now is just the final step – the ever-worsening struggle of all students to enter the next frontier of education, universities.

Being somewhat of an ambitious individual myself, I tried my hand at applying to some of the world’s top universities. A question popped into my mind throughout the entire tedious process. Why did I think I could stand a chance against the world’s elite? Unfortunately for myself, I do not have an answer to that. Perhaps it is just blind faith (which ironically was a quality I had found highly despicable in certain individuals), but then, I do not have any evidence pointing that I am not a match for the world’s elite, because of the level and open playing field regarding admissions which is badly named ‘University Applications’. In my opinion, it would have been better named ‘I-Have-Absolutely-No-Idea-What-I-Am-Doing-But-I-
Am-Still-Doing-It-For-The-Sake-Of-A-Future Applications’.

Enough dwelling on such news, though. On the other hand, the hostel is emptying at an exponential rate (much like The Emptying of Mordor), with boarders going home left, right and every other direction you could think of. I just sent my two toilet-mates home, staying a night in Changi in the process. Watching movies in Changi with your classmates and some juniors is really not that bad. Its just the waking up (if you fell asleep) that freezes you into an ice block that is more daunting. Supported by our rich experience of sleep deprivation, one night of no sleep is much less of a problem compared to the temperature.

So, now I arrive at another marker in life. All my friends that I had grown so close to in this two years are going their separate ways. And in this case, its even worse than my Secondary School friends’ diaspore, because we are separated now by such large distances. However, my worries are just in vain, actually. With the advent of technology today, most of them are just one click away. I think I’ll still miss them though, regardless. To everyone when I leave, au revoir! I hope to see you in the near future. (:


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