MU: Fanfiction Addiction

I had always enjoyed reading when I was young. My enjoyment was mostly limited to fiction after the usual splurge on dry educational tomes, but I did not let it dampen my enthusiasm on reading, much. Lately, I had run out of my usual supply of books, and I had not had much time to drop by Bras Basah to get some new books to indulge myself in. Thus, I was stuck with my computer, and the net. And that was how I discovered the wonders of fanfiction.

It was not really a very sordid affair. All I did was surf around the net, and viola, I found this story which instantly got me hooked for hours on end. It is not exceptionally well-written, but I enjoyed the twisting plots and engaging storyline, even if the grammar sometimes leaves behind a slightly bitter aftertaste; definitely a nice break from the obfuscating incunabulums of A.C. Doyle and J.R.R. Tolkien. If asked who is the better storyteller though, of course I would nominate the latter two within a heartbeat. However, that does not mean I have to stop from engaging myself in guilty pleasures, even in reading, once in a while.

After that one story, I soon set it upon myself to find more stories which appeal to my over-and-hyper-active imagination. After wading through pages and pages of doubtful grammar and spelling, I found some hidden gemstones in the wild wild wilderness of the internet. And, it set me on this insane journey to find more fanfiction for me to digest. This is not really bad, but it is taking up a whole lot of my time. I guess I should stop for now, and let the plot bunnies settle. At least, until my 8 month break starting from December, once the dust from ‘A’ Levels has settled.


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