MU: The Preliminary Exams

Technically speaking, I am not too clear on what the date is, but it is within this period that I had my preliminary exams. As this post is crafted many months in the future, and after my entire ordeal had been thoroughly washed and cleansed of all negative feelings for safekeeping, the emotions tend to get toned down a bit, and new emotions creep in in its wake. However, it will not be entirely too foreign from what I would have said if I had written this some time ago.

First things first, preliminary exams is just this part of life in Singapore where your quality of life takes a nosedive in terms of sleeping time. You will see people spending hours and hours poring over notes and books and TYSes, and it is not even the real examinations yet. Granted, you will be applying for universities with these scores, and thus, it merits such attention. Yet, my thoughts somehow float to whether the university truly wants such people, or would they prefer individuals of a different perspective.

The answer is startlingly simple. An act of personality is easily pulled together and fixed. Your grades, unfortunately, is not (Not unless you have exceptional hacking and graphics design skills, anyway). Therefore, you will witness people devoting their lives to one single piece of paper in this particular time. From the viewpoints of those who are outsiders, such behavior, is, of course, regrettably dumb.

After all, in the cosmic sense of things, and in the span of your life, this paper does not even account for much. Still, it will not stop most of us from studying till our brains get fried or praying to whatever examination paper there is out there to let us off easily, and grant us our desired results. Sad, really. But, that’s life. And life, for students in Singapore, is grades, grades and grades.


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