A Busy Day

Prelims is coming! It has always seemed so ephemeral, so far, so detached from my life until lately. Like an ever ominous half-broken thread holding a gigantic blade above my head, I had always known that preliminary exams existed and will soon come, but I had just been turning a blind eye as the small strands of the thread started snapping one by one under the pressure of something known as Singaporean Education.

It is strange how we can remain in denial for such a long time; I had been trying to study for quite a while, yet there seems not to be much that managed to penetrate into this thick and currently, information-proof skull of mine. Perhaps that is why it is so depressing. A friend of mine noted that I was depressed based on his observation of my behaviour. The scientific method, what a wonder it is! Enabling us to make such acute observations and conclusions from such little data.

Today was, to my great dismay, even more ridiculous than the notion of me being depressed. A multitude of exams, which sprang up like mushrooms after a brief shower, somehow managed to position themselves on the exact same day, as if to torture and taunt my already education-weary soul. The worst ordeal was most likely the IS session that I spent working out my argument during DC. It is amazing how ninety minutes of quality time with yourself can bring you so far in framing an argument. Perhaps I am not so far lost after all…

But, mostly, right now, I just more than probably need some well-deserved sleep.



  1. yz said

    Don’t be depressed, I have faith in you. ^^

  2. Josh said

    Nah, I thought you were ‘never worried’

  3. eve. said

    lemme get this right… you changed the template…. and no new posts?

    wheres the logic in that?!

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