Handover ’07

CCA Season is finally drawing to a close. After all the efforts, headaches, and what-nots, I am finally handing over my obligations to my successor. Previously, I had been very reluctant to hand over my responsibilities (like in Form 5). This time, however, was clearly not a repeat of the incident of 2005. Circumstances are definitely different, and the people involved are also different. Truth be told, even my mental mindset have changed since then.

Perhaps, what they said about the 2 years in JC being the years in which your thinking matures into something more resembling the sophistication of adults (that is – assuming that adults are sophisticated, which is generally a given truth, but what holds true for most might not hold true for all). Again, I have digressed into challenging the common sense that is imparted into us, the pragmatic noble lie that we have all been hoodwinked into believing and accepting. Effectively, we have signed the social contract that binds our society together, but have also served to inhibit my freedom.

But, as Murphy’s Law dictates, things do not proceed as smoothly as they seem. The road to the real handover (during Poetry Night in September ’07) is still harsh and long for me. In the interest of literary aestheticism, I shall cut short to the chase and not include more sentence correctors randomly here and there. The road is still hard, and there is still a ways to go, especially with the preliminaries already visible in the horizon…


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