RP: Driving License

Malaysia’s coming of age ritual; the driving license. Most teenagers dream about it when they turn 17, since it’s the legal age for driving in Malaysia.

For me, however, my parents had thought it fit for me to learn driving at the age of 29, since they did the same. The argument does not work though; their time has long passed and most people today, even those not-so-well-off, send their children to learn the skill at the age of 17.

Still, it was procrastinated till now, when I am 18. Not that I am complaining, since I don’t think I’m fully ready anyway, but I just resent the lost year for some unknown reason.

I took the final test yesterday, the practical test, that is. Although I thought I would have failed for sure, I managed to scrape a pass anyway, Kopi-‘O’ style. Scoring a perfect for the hill, parking and three-point turn tests, I was only afraid of the practical road test, which I just passed, luckily.

The passing though, left me with no exhilaration of any sort that I thought I would have. Just a form of closure that was rather warm and fuzzy inside me. I can’t really remember what happened at the end of SPM and PMR anymore, but could they have been the same?


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