RP: A Week After

It’s been a week since I came back to Malaysia. A lot of things have happened since then, my grandmother got hospitalised, we got forced into moving our house and I had gone and caught up with some of my old friends. In the face of all these events, my own targets and goals suddenly seem so insignificant and silly. What is a paper  and some marks when compared to your family and friends? Different people will have differing answers, and I do know that my parents would not allow me to neglect my studies, no matter what happens. The KI Independent Study that I brought back to work on suddenly became unlikely to be completed, but as things go, I had already expected this to happen, for it is indeed a rare occasion if I manage to complete my work for once in Malaysia, when I brought work from Singapore.

My grandmother finally got discharged today from ward after an operation. The reason for her hospitalisation? A growth (not known whether it is benign or malignant) in her kidney. Her stay in the hospital also fraught members of the family with many scares and worries. She was scheduled for an operation on a Monday, but due to the high glucose count in her blood stream, she could not be operated upon for two days. And after the operation itself, she was put into the ICU (one name that family members abhor to hear mentioned in tandem with another one of their own, somewhat considered a taboo). Well, it seems that due to her advanced age and medical history, she warranted the night at ICU for observation, which quelled most of our worries considering the idea of she being in ICU. In the end, she is now fine and healthy in her own house.

My family are also staying in my grandmother’s house – to take care of her, and also because we were out of a house, temporarily, anyway. It will be some time before we could move into our new home, some very long time, I think.


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