RP: The Journey Home

After a long stint of Term 2 in Singapore, I am finally heading home for the last long holiday I have before the final ‘A’-Levels. Being in relatively higher spirits, I am still quite haunted by my SAT II Results and the impending driving test, which is not going to be very fun, in my opinion, since my driving skills aren’t really up to par.

This is my first time taking an afternoon bus back; I mostly preferred to take a night bus home, because I’ll not waste my day on the highway. This occasion, however, is special, because I planned to give my parents a surprise, but failed miserably in the process though. I had originally wanted to surprise them by showing up on their doorstep, but the bus took its own sweet time (probably since they couldn’t speed up because all the passengers are all awake, as opposed to the night, where everyone is asleep) to get to Kuala Lumpur.

And even then, when we reached, there was a tremendous traffic jam, and I was forced to spend three hours waiting to get to the dropoff point at Puduraya from the Federal Highway. Furthermore, my luggage is so heavy, and I had to drag it all the way in the rain to the KTM station there, and take a train all the way back to Kepong Sentral. More likely than not, I will not do this again; even if I am, I will be taking a taxi next time. It’s just too ridiculous to undergo that experience again.

It is also through this that I realized how convenient and developed the Singapore MRT system was. Malaysia’s train system could not even compare with its convenience. Sad, once we think of it.

On my way back, I also noticed the lamentable condition of our drainage system, seeing a car literally wade through a pool of water on the highway. Yes, your eyes are not tricking you; it’s a freaking highway. Wonder if I could use this for a KI example?  Most likely not, since, its not really a common experience.


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