The Week Before

I could actually feel the whole group spirit literally falling apart around me, as we approach the closing finale to the week itself. Looks like running a college-wide event is not as easy as I had envisioned it to be (somewhat like in my secondary school – but is not possible in the least here), or perhaps I am just still unused to things as they are. I would probably still need more experience in getting a feel at how things are run in different areas.

The sad part is that I am losing loyalties and manpower at an astonishing rate; if this goes on, this club will evaporate faster than the effervescence of dilute mixtures when mixed together. However, perseverance is a virtue, and so is my stubbornness, in this case. Actually, it is perhaps the only reason I can still stand things as they are; that and probably pride. I might not be a very sinful person, but I still have the qualities some of our forefathers have labelled as sinful in me, but what I see them as is not a sin, but a tool I could subjugate and bend to my will. It is just a matter of opinion, as some would claim.

On the academic side of life, things are finally slowing down (but not very favourably to all of us – deadlines may be longer, but the workload is still far from sanity). Anyway, the holidays are coming soon, and everyone is becoming ever more slack with things. Week 9 have come and gone; what have I done? Perhaps only time later would tell, but what can a few numbers tell about the whole spectrum of one’s 18 years in life? Very little, and a very biased view at that; yet, it is our best gauge. Isn’t it sad?


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