Go Global Business Case Competition

I have to learn to become more acquainted with the people around me. It would seem that the individuals that I know and can identify with could be counted with my fingers, but the networking that some other individuals have done are impressive, enough perhaps to qualify as a minor celebrity. Is it their natural charisma, or is it their unwillingness to be forgotten by people and their effort in trying to etch themselves desperately into the hearts of all who knows them? Only time will tell, but having connections are beneficial.

As any businessman would tell you, connections are vital to the survival of a business, and in a sense, this competition is starting to inculcate this awareness into me. Perhaps not very much, but through all the problem-solving modules, it is subconsciously programmed into us. Take the game (forgot the name :p) that they let us play for example; certain rules are not stated, and if you have a better relation with the facilitators, it is much faster and much easier to get things done. That is the power of the acquaintance.

Moving back to the event itself, it was a pretty dull fixture for this week; just an introductory session with our teammates in our newly-formed groups and a talk besides the game. I had 2 MJ, 1 HCI and 1 ITE members in my team, excluding Tommy. Together, we make up six of us, but the MJ girl was MIA, and hence, could not be accounted for. Nothing much was decided upon that day, besides that we will keep in touch and meet again sometime in the week.

Perhaps next week’s events will spice things up a bit.


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