A day filled with many vicious and sharp words do very little to mend the soul. That is, to say, if the soul exists at all. Truth is, I am so very tired of this world. Sigh, this is beginning to sound like a will rather than a blog entry. Don’t jump to conclusions though; I am not nearly as fragile as the chinaware your neighbour has next door.

It is more like the incessant world trying to change me, to become one of them, the ‘other’, one of those many faceless drones that we meet in the world everyday; people whose sole purpose in life are their materialistic pursuits, and nothing else, not even human emotion or conscience, could pry them from their pursuit. There is only one agent powerful enough to separate these two hopelessly intertwined entities; death itself. Such a feeling is not welcome here in my private sanctuary; and although I do admit I am not a truly spiritual person, I still do not believe that life is all about materialistic pursuits.

I may not acknowledge a true creator, nor the forces that be, but I still believe in the purpose of my self, and that is definitely not what I am doing now. The question now, should I quit, or should I strive on? But I had come so far, travelled so many leagues, sacrificed so very much (although all these are metaphorical and debatable), why then should I give up? Perhaps the only thread holding me together is my stubbornness, and I think it had been so for a very long time, just that I had never noticed it, and I was not willing to admit it. Not that admitting it would do me any good, as some might say ‘Ignorance is Bliss”.

Ignorance is indeed bliss, but knowledge is the one which holds power. As today’s lecture on the postmodernist movement had revealed (or has sought to unveil), all knowledge is but a game which the elites invented to give hope to and control the masses, and which we all play. Only us, the unwitting masses, have been too blind to notice it, and continue to drag on on this rat race. To whom does the supreme power belong to then? How can you win every match, beat every challenge with supreme ease? By having the authority to define the rules. By controlling definitions, these definition-controllers are the most powerful entities on this planet.

And yet, this knowledge had been in plain sight for many years, and it is utterly dumbfounding that no mass had risen to challenge the system. Perhaps this is for one very good reason, people are, in essence, lazy and despise change. We all have our social inertia, and since this system works, we become unwilling to change or revolutionise the system. Pragmatism dictates that what works does not need to be fixed. And that indeed is the prevailing thought of the most powerful nation the world has today, and also its inherent culture.

Do we have to emulate them then? The answer is no; there is always an alternative to power, if that is what you hunger for. Where there is a will, there is a way, people of the past once said, and I shall find that path, that alternative path, in my craving. Idealistic, one could call me, and remind me that ideals do not work in a practical world, and idealists all end up with sticky ends. I have no bulletproof rebuke to this but to say to the person who stops me that he or she is too cowardly to even try, and hence, have no authority or right to chastise me.

A game that benefits no one, yet all play it without even a hint of distaste or questioning. Perhaps we had been brought up in it, that’s why? I leave the reasoning to your own interpretation of whatever I had to say, since I am after all, a proponent of epistemological relativism. But one thing I know for sure now, I have perhaps found my life’s goal; to end the game that had been set in motion by those who have been deluded by the idea of progress, which in itself has its definition subverted, perverted and twisted beyond recognition through the passing years. It is time to redefine what we term as progress back into what truly counts as progress. It is time to say ‘Game Over’.



  1. mediocre said

    I speculate (pardon me for doing so) that you wish to revolutionize things around you, or escape from the rigid life.

    Very well, and it is good to think so…but first you would have to learn to adapt.

    Or else, before you have the chance to revolutionise things…the reality would have already devoured you.

    Hopefully you will feel better in the future.

  2. Fate said

    Thanks for the comment… I din really expect anyone to read that ridiculously long post. Was very pissed when I wrote it, so the emotions kind of spilled over…

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