It has been a very long time since I had the time to update my blog, and so, it would also seem that my typing skills have become rather rusty due to the lack of practice. It is rather weird to feel blood rushing through capillaries that have not been used much recently, but the sensation itself is rather comfortable, and somewhat nostalgic; it feels a lot like meeting an old friend.

I took my SAT II Subject Tests today for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics II. The arrogant lout in me would try to claim that the tests were a piece of cake, but precisely speaking, it is not as simple as most people claim it is. Regardless, I will still have to retake my Reasoning Test, so, this is more of like a preamble for what is to come (again). All this for the sake of an uncertain university application? Sometimes it is chilling to find out that we are trying our best just to make up for the possibility of a probability that we would have an extra edge over the ‘other’.

It was only the day before that I had my final SPA for Physics; it was on the oscillation of a floating object. The entire cohort had actually done it before in the lab, as an experiment, and since it had also been spotted by most of the students, many had mugged for it, effectively pulling the marks distribution curve over to the higher end of the spectrum. These two little events, coupled with an enormous influx of work, kept me pretty busy throughout the week, and I am already tired from the work marathon of the past few weeks.

When I got back from a little grocery shopping after the exam, I had another migraine (a sure sign of your brain demanding its tribute of sleep). One thing that I have learnt from all those sleepless or near-sleepless nights that I have undergone, is that not to underestimate the idea of getting enough sleep every night; it has become a sort of luxury for the J2s, instead of a necessity. Lesson? Never squander time allotted to rest on other activities too much, you might not live to regret it.


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  1. mediocre said

    My Math teacher said that private participants are not accepted….I will ask Mr Ng for confirmation later.

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