Of MiQs, IS Proposals and PW Results

Firstly, about the KI IS Proposal. After nights (mornings would be more precise) of slaving over the laptop to refine, repair and reword the document (until I have practically lost count of how many times I had did the thing), it was finally sent to Cambridge on Friday. It had been an insanely tiring experience, and I did not particularly enjoy wrecking my brain to define my project in carefully delineated terms that spelled things out clear enough until a child could comprehend them. Hence, perhaps my frustration manifested in the obfuscation that appears in this post, specifically, the sentence above.

I am, by nature and preference, a vague and discreet person. I do not enjoy communicating my ideas clearly to others; I had always enjoyed speaking in analogies and parables. In other words, you could call me a horribly inept person when it comes to effective and simple communication. Fortunately, when it comes to literary applications, I am still very much a comprehensible person. My new roommate commented that I behaved suspiciously akin to his GP reading package, needlessly complicating what appears as a simple idea by bombarding the original idea with infinitely confuddling and complex terms. To me, I am just trying to make things clearer and more succinct, actually. Ironic, is it not?

Moving on, PW results were also released not too long ago. I had managed to clinch a B for all my efforts. Although I was not particularly delighted at my result (suspect some part of me is that perfectionist that still have not been fully quashed out of me – perhaps never will, but it may not necessarily be a bad thing), I am still quite satisfied with it when I contrast it against other happenings that had occurred throughout my foray into PW last year.

Finally, I had the MiQ semi-finals today. I had initially been heavily discouraged when I learnt that AC had been drawn to face AJ, CJ and SA in the semis, to create what I had christened the GOD or Group of Death. This has created a pseudo-finals in itself, because almost all the top teams in the quarter-finals have been drawn into this group. Perhaps it is because of this phenomenon, a blind panic has settled over me, Hilmi and Taufiq, and we were close to giving up hope.

I managed to extract a four-hour break for us on Friday, to revise and prepare them for the next day, from Pn Jamilah. It might have all been in vain, actually, one took off to god-knows-where and another had a drama meeting. I ended up doing the final draft of my KI Proposal and revising MiQ with the reserve. All that kept me from reprimanding them in the end is our qualification into the finals of the MiQ competition. And, yes, I noticed that a passion in it has been sparked off in me, triggered very much by our initial successes.

And so, we walk on to the 28th of March, narrowly pipping CJ in the semis, to face IJ, VJ and SA in the finals. On a side note, YJ almost qualified in lieu of IJ, but due to Madrasah Aljunied’s interception of the final question (and hence, the marks), YJ got eliminated along with them. I found it to be strictly unfair for YJ, but life is perhaps like that and ironically, it reminds me of what happened in last year’s finals. I do not want a recap of last year this time, and thus, I shall really try my best to lift the coveted trophy this year.



  1. yz. said

    Uhhhh… Now I stop reading at Firstly.

  2. Fate said

    Very funny… In fact, so funny i rolled on the floor laughing…
    *rolls eyes*

  3. syfang said

    hey there…take carez loe ^^

  4. Alicia said

    haha band 2 for pw is not bad what. (: anyways do tcare, stop stressing out so much! studyyyy for prelims okay! 😀 God bless

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