MiQ Quarter-Finals

It all goes round in full circle. Last year, I was the naive, observing junior that was watching my seniors slug it out in the MiQ competition. This year, the roles have been reversed, and this time, I am the senior who is a participant. Well, for one thing, as captain this year, I do not wish the team to sink to the very bottom, even if I do not have the inspiration to go on so far. But then again, inspiration comes from competing, and throughout the course of the competition, our victories might energise us to chase after the championship itself.

For the quarter-finals, we are paired up against IJC, HCI and Madrasah Al-Ma’arif. Initially, I expected a hard-pressed victory, but my expectations of the enemies might have been clouded by the senior’s tournament last year, and the performance of Al-Ma’arif in Kembara. Truth be told, the competition was not all that tough, as we hardly studied for the QFs, and we still got through. Now, with a victory under our wings, we head towards the SFs.

However, as we stayed back to watch the other teams, it is surprising to look at our initial high dissipating faster than we could imagine. The standard in some of the QFs that the teams displayed were particularly scary. We will have to work much harder after all…

P.S. MiQ is a Malay general knowledge quiz.


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  1. yz. said

    I generally have no comments, except maybe, I stopped reading when I saw “Last year”.

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