Maritime Trip

It was a simple thing. Just sign up and go for the event. However, as we all know, it is under these conditions which Murphy’s Law thrives. It just had to be on today that the 2007 GCE A Level Registration had to happen. So, instead of tuning in to lectures on our subject registration (which I assume should be fairly boring – however, it may contain snatches of information that could be put to good use at another time), we had to rush through our registration and wait at the concourse at 1.20pm sharp.

And so, it is then when we started off for Suntec City for the briefing part of the trip. One surprising point to note was that there was no teacher adviser that came along with us (which is again both a good thing and a bad thing – but generally better than worse) for the briefing. There were only eleven of us of which five were from 2SA1 (and of which only one was a foreign scholar). The briefing was, as usual, geared towards getting us interested in a maritime career.

Next, we had a little trip around an international maritime expo in Suntec City. It was actually a business exhibition, but it clearly showed what a career in an oil rig and a ship would be like. Moving on was the most interesting part of the trip, the ship ride (around? Singapore) out from Marina South Pier. It was rather fun and refreshing, with a great sights to see (and some other sights too, if you get my drift – but I *ahem* kindly refrained) and fairly strong winds. And, as all these things go… What use are my descriptions without some good photos?

The boat we took out to sea

The boat we had our cruise on

View from the back of the boat

Sentosa View

A view of Sentosa

Singapore Marine Skyline

Singapore Marine Skyline

A Passing Boat

A passing boat


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