JC2 Terms

We should have expected everything. But my naive mind did not allow me to make allowance for that possibility. In retrospect, it might not have been allowance after all; suppression is more like it. Nevertheless, we stepped in fearlessly into the examination hall. What happened next was completely mind-blowing.

The first paper was Mathematics, and I only managed to answer about half the paper, which is actually an extremely humbling experience; I swear I will read up more on Mathematics. Next, we had Physics. Due to my earlier battering in Maths, I had studied pretty hard for this test, and hopefully, I will be able to score okay. Biology followed suit after Physics on the same day; having only one hour to revise on Biology, and with my mind still reeling from Physics, I could only ponder as to how well done is my Biology.

The last two papers were Chemistry and KI. For Chemistry, revising organic chemistry was not really very fun when you have only one night and you are dirt tired. The guys even dragged me out for a LAN session after the Chemistry paper, since they finished their exams. What little time remaining for KI, I hope I had put it to good use. I did the essay by relating it to the field of linguistics, the field my IS is on. Hence, I could not have done that badly, I hope.

The idea remains that generally, terms was not easy, and the teachers’ insistence that it was easy made it very discouraging and demoralising for our spirits. I wonder if they are all proponents of reverse psychology? But, to the best of my knowledge, reverse psychology only works under certain conditions; and to us who are wearied out, reverse psychology only serves to hurt us more. Perhaps the Singaporean government should introduce a special course for all teachers and adults alike : “Dealing with Discouraged Adolescents – How NOT to Make Them Even More Depressed and Demoralised in their Studies 101”.


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