Hectic Holiday

I had happily ignored my work through the weekend too (Inner me: Suspected as much…), which really does not herald good things for me. I really should return to mugging soon. However, the prospect of other things in my life kept those feelings on hold for a while.

I spent most of this morning and yesterday stringing together the GYLC funding application forms. Truth be told, from my searching over those endless corporate websites for names and addresses, I learnt more about the Malaysian and Singaporean corporate world than I had ever learnt in 18 years. Silly as it may seem, I was kind of disturbed by this fact. Had I not learnt anything in the past 18 years?

Moving deeper along that line of thought, I had that sinking feeling that even me as a child could have comprehended what I am learning now with some effort. Had I even grown at all then? If my thoughts are still approximately around the 10-year-old me, what had I done and learnt in this past 8 years? Maybe that is just me, but the factor known as growth in thought is beginning to seem (at least to me) to have no effect on me, no matter what I learn anymore.

Sigh, a friend of mine commented that my posts always somehow ended up emotional like this. Perhaps I should add a disclaimer on top, in bold and magnificent neon colours, “Welcome to my Emotional Dump! Hope you die of emoness here!”

Ugh, I need a shrink… I just heard the word ‘oscillation’ mumbled next door, and as odd as this may seem, the first word that popped into my mind after that was *CENSORED* ‘fellatio’. That confirms it, me relating physics to that? I REALLY need a shrink! 😛



  1. mediocre said


    Sweat…you really need some rest…even I can’t relate physics to *censored*

  2. yz. said

    poke poke.

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