Little Wring Here…

After everything was finally completed, I decided to take a little sabbatical from doing anything at all, meaning that I get the chance to chat incessantly online and stare stupidly at the four walls surrounding me. Sounds boring, right? But, it seemed that my mind could take all this senseless boredom in without shorting any fuses, especially after such a long series of sleepless nights of work, homework and ‘other-little-prefixes-you-can-add-to-the-word-work’-work.

However, I discovered (as with most of us) that sabbaticals could not be taken without that nagging feeling that we are ignoring something far more important in the wings, and that we will come to regret it. Turns out, at every corner that I turn to, there was this little voice that whispers the taboo word ‘terms’ in my mind. Sigh, what fun it is to be able to ignore that voice for some time (of course, until I panic at the last minute, which all of us do, sadly…).

School on Thursday was practically deserted, which was why I detested the Biology Class that was supposed to be held then. I mean, who arranges for a class in the middle of the holidays? I almost had half a mind not to turn up, until I remembered that I already missed the last two classes of Biology for Term 1. Not a good idea to miss more. After the class, though, I discovered that the trip was worth my while after all, as MOD organised a buffet there, since the finals of their advertisement contest is being held at ACJC on Thursday too.

The food was excellent, period. No need for me to further elaborate on the cheese cakes and the chocolate marshmallows there. Moving further back to Tuesday, I was both pleasantly and unpleasantly (don’t ask how) surprised when I could not contact Mr. Keith Tan over my H3 Mathematics Test. I ended up writing him an e-mail enquiring the current status of my test, but as of now, I had received no answers at all regarding the matter *winces* (hopefully, I am not kicked out…).

A quick glance through what I wrote shows that all that I ever talk about are in some way related to my studies. Thus, leads me to the next question, do I really have no life? Maybe, I do not after all… Hmmm… Disturbing…




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