Science Research Symposium

I had not prepared much for the symposium, besides utterly resting my mind from the substantial mental torture that I have been put through for the previous fortnight. Excellent as my intentions may be, it turns out that fate has other plans in store for me, by providing me with an interesting workload of homework to be completed on the day of this symposium itself.

Thus, there I was, burning (no longer the midnight oil) the morning oil all the way until the sun almost rose from the horizon in the east, slaving my way through my Aesthetics Essay. It was not really due to my lack of perseverance (I had stared at the question for the whole day, unable to make or piece together any sense on it until the thirteenth hour), but more likely due to the trouble that I am barely exposed to the Aesthetics and is slightly discomforted by this discourse which I was supposed to undertake.

At the very least, I had a partner in crime in the form of Charmaine who had also not finished her essay on it (she commented that she felt a sense of deja vu when I professed my surprise at her not being able to complete her work). It significantly raised my spirits to find out that I was not the only suffering soul due to this question; people with more experience in Aesthetics than I did are also struggling their lives with it.

Moving on to the Symposium proper, I had barely prepared for it (no thanks to the fact that I actually finished the essay at about 6.30am) and was more than prepared to go impromptu on my topic, having done so on many an occasion before this. What I had not counted on was the failure of my slides which resulted in several font problems in our presentation, and the sheer size of the lecture theatre attendance (more than 100-odd strong).

It had been a good experience; the teacher actually said we did quite well, contrary to what we thought (perhaps she has seen her fair share of bored classes; Resolution – stone less in LTs). The poster presentation was directly after that at the walkway. It was ridiculously hot in our Number 1s; plus there was a quiz going on in which my poster was not involved. Well, I guess the bright side would be that I have less work due to that omission (also meant less people bothered or cared to visit my booth).

We played a game of cards during the break between presentations where we played XO Dai Di (or a**h*** Dai Di) before continuing at 1.00pm. The day was not entirely kind to me though; just before we ended, an RJ student with his teacher waltzed by and zeroed in on my project, asking a gazillion and one questions along the way. Luckily, yours truly managed to handle their questions (I hope) and answer them satisfactorily. After the presentation finally ended at 2pm, I went to the canteen, got some free nasi lemak due to the extra coupons from the teachers, and went to pay the counsellor a visit. It turned out out to become a lengthy discourse on CWC, life and financial advice, but none of the answers which I had came to seek.

I reached the hostel at almost 6, feeling particularly tired but strangely satisfied, and fell asleep in the bed immediately. Guess those hours I had logged out are catching back with me now…




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