SSEF has finally ended today amidst the bustle and chaos that defined my last week of school. It had not been a very forgiving week, as are common with all the previous weeks that I had been through too, not had this week allowed and allotted me enough time to recollect pieces of my sanity strewn across the metaphysical floor.

With only a COP to show for all my work, I had nothing much to comment on on the competition itself, though people are apt to start complaining about the judging system (for obvious reasons – to me, if not to you). However, when we take these matters and inspect them closely, it would be seen that they are mostly due to our fault by not reading up enough on the current trends of research in society today.

But then again, we could defend ourselves by saying that our project scope and the facilities afforded to us are but limited and even if I was at my most condescending, I doubt I would have pulled it very far. Truth is, it is all over and there is no use crying over spilt milk, especially when someone comments that SSEF is an acquired taste, to quote verbatim.

At the very least, I have met some pretty nice friends there. We had practically came as strangers to this fair, but somehow, the six of us has bonded together quite well through these two days. (No pictures though, they could not be diaplyed, for some odd reason) I guess I will just reiterate the names here, then. (Kind of undignified, I know, but I am hopeless at descriptions, so bear with me here)

Firstly, there was Jenson from MJ, who prompted me that his name was missing from my blog (haha…). He is a fun and jovial guy, and loves to take photos with his camera, much to my annoyance. 🙂 Then, we have Alessandria from NJ, whose booth is opposite mine; her project was on Piezoelectrics. She loves to sleep, caught her dozing off a couple of times during the fair. There is Jenson’s partner, Tian Hui from RJ, who was always into her notes (well… she is from RJ after all). Next up is Pei Zhen from VJ, whose booth is just beside mine. She is almost always not there, always wandering off to somewhere else; I can’t really reprimand her though, I was always missing too. :p Finally, we have me and my partner, Han Jun representing ACJC. Funny, I just realised that we were the only two who were from the same JC among us six.

On the other hand, even if I may say so, my emotions plan to drive me otherwise. It perhaps could be seen from my haphazard style of writing as is clearly demonstrated by the incoherent spiral that is my latest blog entry. More pressing matters require my attention from now onwards; like several financial and academic issues, and last but not least, health issues that is associated with the frequency (or lack thereof) of rest. I bid myself to retire, prematurely, for now.

P.S. The pictures that I got from Jenson could not be displayed for some reason, so I have taken them out… ><|||



  1. Jenson said

    Lol, you didn’t mention the great people you met! Hahas, btw how did you get that COP?

  2. Fate said

    Lol… Sorry I missed out you guys… Was updating my blog half-awake (as I usually do)… Will put your face online… Haha… And btw, I haven’t really got the COP yet… When do you reckon we get it?

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