2k6 A Level Results

Truthfully speaking, I was not there for the grand unveiling of the GCE ‘A’ Levels Results for the cohort of 2006. This is because I was blissfully away for the Economic Development Board briefing on Education in the UK. There were four universities there, all from the UK (UCL, Imperial, King’s and LSE) who had their representatives explain to us briefly about the system and life in London.

Most of us were just there for the chance to skip the rest of school; after MTL results release, there wasn’t really much to do in school anymore (besides swim PE, that is – and I don’t have my swimming trunks ready that day). However, the briefing provided me with a good insight into the UK system and also the opinions of the UK universities over the status of KI, not to mention that there is also free food there.

Moving on, the A Levels results were released today. I got a B for Malay, which means I might have to retake it; not a very enlightening prospect. This year, there were no 9 Distinction students in ACJC; just two 8 Distinctioners: Clarissa and Geraldine. I wonder if I could get as good a result as them next year? No, I should not wonder, but believe; as the old saying goes, believe and you shall achieve.

P.S. Han Wuen got 4As and a C5 for his GP; he did not too shabbily too.



  1. han wuen said

    who said I was not shabby at all!!!!

  2. han wuen said

    who said i was not shabby at all!!!

  3. Hoyk said

    Very true…Believe and u shall achieve.. You can do it…..

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