The Longest Day

Friday came and went. It had been an extremely long day, due to the sheer amount of events that is occurring on just that 24 hours. Firstly, I had to go for my Biology CA which I hardly studied for, because I was mostly busy with completing my KI essay which was also due today. The CA itself was on Evolution and Photosynthesis, which since we just learnt those topics, should still be fresh in my memory. Hopefully, I was able to regurgitate them well, and score for the CA.

Next up on the list was the Mathematics File Check, which also contributed to the lack of sleep I had last night. It had been an alarming announcement, for I had not kept my file in check for ages. Thus, began the great rush in completing all the lecture notes and tutorials to bring the file up to standard for the checking. Luckily for me, even though I inadvertently left Chapter 11’s examples empty, I managed to get away with it. Best that I fill them in when I get back to the hostel.

Then, I had to go meet Mr. David Loh for the GYLC (Global Youth Leaders’ Conference) Registration. Apparently, we are going to be divided into two groups : one to go to New York, and the other to Washington D.C. This is weird though, for the organising website did not mention anything about two seperate locations. Oh well, maybe they changed the format again this year.

Moving on, I had my Physics SPA for Skill BD. It was easily one of the toughest SPAs I have undertaken, and to further bruise my ego, the one that I probably made the most mistakes in. I was not even able to completely finish the paper! *fumes* After SPA, I had to rush to the swimming pool for Swim PE. Speaking of which, was not very forgiving today. They asked us to swim sideways; not a very interesting prospect. That all done and over, I had to head for the Founder’s Day Full Dress Rehearsal.

In hindsight, with all the events completed, some peace of mind could be afforded to me for a while, I hope. Of course, it is only a matter of time before my mind is plagued by SSEF again. Wait, did I mention SSEF? Oh man………


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