An Unlucky Valentine

No, I am not referring to the fact that I did not get any chocolates nor do I really care (okay, maybe that part is a little white lie, but the rest is sound enough). Truth be told, who would be happy after spending countless weeks trying to stay awake to do some work in front of the computer and failing? Sometimes, I wonder if this laptop is truly soporific; it lulls me into a sense of drowsiness every time I use it. But then again, it could just be my tired eyes rebelling against the exertion I place on them.

Back to yesterday, the morning began with someone tripping right in front of me. Being rather stunned, I was not able to offer any help as her friends rushed down to help her up. That incident made me feel a little pathetic, in a sense; plus, I got chided by Wei Ling and Clarice for not helping her up. My money, however, is on the fact that Wei Ling would probably have wanted quite badly to be in my position and be the hero of the story. Okay, so I am being cynical, sue me then.

The story of Tuesday continues with a huge pile of homework heaping up on me, subject by subject. That is, in addition to the Mathematics Test and my other CCA work. The Mathematics Test was not easy, one fact proven with the grin Mr. Keith Tan sported during the exam. But that was not the worst. During the exam, I received a message from Gloria and realised that I did not put my handphone to silent mode. So, the silly ringtone rang for a good two minutes (I did not dare to turn it off – for a reason that sounds too silly in retrospect) and annoyed me enough for me not to answer a question and screw up the rest.

Thus, when I received the paper today, I was not really surprised at the paltry amount of marks I had scored. Well, better luck next time, I hope. This morning, we were also supposed to screen the Valentine’s Day Dedications on assembly. However, due to technical difficulties (from the large amount of over-late entries which is also partially due to our fault), it had to be postponed to Friday, during Chinese New Year celebrations. One might ask, why do we even bother now that we have missed Valentine’s Day? The problem remains though, that we did promise, and that we shall fulfill.

The rest of the day was not too fun either. I spent up most of my time on both yesterday and today catching up on Mathematics tutorials. This probably also explains my incessant headache and eye fatigue.As things began to move on, and today’s school session ended, I just can’t help but to be reminded about the ASRS (ACJC Science Research Symposium) and the KI homeworks (amounting to five articles). Looks like there shall be more mugging tonight, too. Well, one last night to go to freedom, albeit temporary, but still highly appreciated.


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