A Little Trip

The day begun with a bad premonition for PE today. My class and I had initially planned to purloin a parent’s letter for the session, for we had expected the very worst PE session. Sad to say, that little prediction of ours came to fruition. After a few laps of running at close to top speed, they treated us to reverse push-ups, crunches, shuttle run, standing broad jump and even a 45 degree leg lift and ‘Superman’ pose back stretches. I probably grabbed a few muscle pains from that little exercise that would last for quite some time. Sigh.

As for CWC, I was outvoted last week in the activity planning session. Although I could just use my autocratic power to veto them all, but it didn’t seem like a very good idea to me. Furthermore, Davina was positively enthusiastic about it; it hence led to my decision to leave her in charge of the activity itself, which is to go watch Star Wars VI. In the end, the juniors voted unanimously not to go (which although was rather amusing to watch, I admit, but it was also very saddening to see that she cannot properly control the juniors), leaving us to do some activity that got scrapped up ‘half-past-six’ style.

After the activity, the crashing J5s (Yap Xiong and Brandon) dragged me out for dinner with them. This time, there was another senior who came back from America that joined us for dinner. We had dinner at Burger King, before they decided to take a little trip to the abandoned Tanglin Army Camp. I have to admit, I was interested, which was why I followed along. Turns out it was not very eventful at all, just walking around the exterior of old, going-to-be-torn-down buildings. Additionally, the lighting there, although not first class, was still bright enough.

Looks like the trip itself was rather overrated (it had sounded interesting); guess the population density in Singapore is just too high for any place to be genuinely spooky. After that, we went to the Singapore Botanical Gardens. It is a usual haunt for couples at night, or so people say, but I saw none of the sort. Probably I will have to check the bushes to find them. :p

There, Brandon led us to his workplace in the Botanical Gardens. His work was classifying mosses into their genera, species, and all those denominations before archiving them. He also led us to the archive. It was huge! There were samples from all over the world there. Some were even from H.N. Ridley’s time (some labels handwritten by him even – Brandon commented that his handwriting was very bad, and personally, I rather agree) and also some samples from FRIM in Kepong. For those who are confused with the above name, H.N. Ridley was the British guy who introduced rubber trees in the then Malaya.

I finally got back to the hostel at 10, using the technicality known as CCA. Not very precise, but if it cuts it, who cares? 🙂


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