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I had just noticed that I am beginning to use a lot of day names for titles of my blog entries. I really should learn to give a better naming system and refrain from using day names. This week itself was very eventful, if not tiring, I am dirt tired right now, as I settle in front of the laptop trying to complete this entry. I had also learnt the power of procrastination; I should actively seek to put an end to my procrastinating ways.

Moving back a couple to days to Thursday, it was the day that I finally managed to get the GYLC Applications done. Having been forced to take the instant passport photos at Jurong East the day before, I went back to work on my KI IS Proposal. However, in the end, I ended up with a case of diarrhoea and was late for school. Luckily, all the jigsaw pieces fell in place, and when I gave my picture to Mrs. Malini, I finally completed my application. With that load off my mind, I was wondering about the CWC Dedications and it turns out that the announcement had not been sent out. Well, I hoped tomorrow clears this myth. And my KI IS was still *not* accepted.

The next day, I finally managed to complete and submit my KI IS Proposal. Although the teachers attributed the lateness due to MOE giving them last-minute instructions and the cross-country at Turf City (it was also on Wednesday – I was exempted owing thanks to the A*STAR Closing Ceremony, where I mercifully grabbed some micro-sleep), it was more of a ‘we-cannot-finish-please-help-us-sir’ extension. My project title is now confirmed as “Language on the Edge: A Pragmatic Constructivist View on the Creation of Slang Forms”. It sounds deep, and it is. I just hope I don’t die because of it.

And today, it was the Career Talk Workshop by Brightsparks. It was quite fun on the whole, as we learnt about interview skills and the works for a scholarship application. The price tag of S$80 is quite hefty a sum though. I mean, they did not even provide lunch. However, I have to admit they did a great job on the know yourself better and interviews divisions, so not much complaints at that department. It is just the idea that one pile of notes could cost so much disturbs me. I guess I will have to get used to it; I will come across piles of paper that is worth much more than S$80 in my lifetime.

Unchecked, I could go on and on with my ramblings. It would be feasible to adjourn now to another day and time.


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  1. syfang said

    sound look like u busy for doing project…”jia you” ^^

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