RP: The Insane Night

Imagine you have your teacher walk up to you and tell you that the proposal accounting for 40% of your A-Level grade is due a few days later for sending to Cambridge and you have not started on it. That is exactly what happened to me yesterday when I went to KI tutorial. We were completely shocked and spellbound when the bombshell was dropped. Some more than others, but all pretty much so. I was one of the more affected ones, for I had not started refining my IS proposal.

Additionally, I also have Physics CA and the A*STAR Presentation in the wings for today. Truthfully speaking, if I could comment on life, it was rather insane. In the end, there I was slugging through the works, and trying to make sense of it all. Feeling particularly sleepy, I was pretty much drifting on and off the project proposal and thought that maybe I should sleep and just do it in the morning together with my Physics readings.

Thus began my procrastination.  After mercifully giving up and going to sleep at about 1.30am, I only woke up at 6.50am, which is already late for school. So much for studying for the exam. In the end, I studied for Physics throughout Chemistry lecture (luckily, it was just introduction into Carbonyl Compounds – Ketones and Aldehydes) to make up for time. The Physics CA itself turned out to be relatively okay to answer, so I hopefully scored well in it.

Then, it was my IS Proposal’s turn. Having such short notice, well, let’s just say it was not really a work of art. As such, I had to work on it again when I reach the hostel, not an entertaining prospect. Then, I headed for the A*STAR Closing Ceremony. It was not a very grandiose occasion, although a Permanent Secretary for a Minister did come to the event. It was more of a closure for all of us, and I was just relieved that I did gain some knowledge on my project after all (I was able to explain it when I had question posed to me).

However, Kenneth did wreak havoc on Ashwin’s and Mei Ping’s booth (the two casualties that I heard of, at any rate). He brought his professor along to do the damage for some personal reasons; but the strange thing was, he did not just bug Ashwin, his professor gave Mei Ping a run for her money too. At this moment, I would just like to heave a deep breath of relief that I was mercifully spared by the large pillar that hid my meeting room from most people. Although I say so, I was also pretty annoyed at that time that my meeting room was shielded off from the visiting public.

There also, I met Yi Jiet, one of Han Wuen’s juniors from AJ. Quite the popular guy, a group of AJ girls swarmed to take photos of him and his project (I had the ‘priviledge’ of sharing a room with him for the presentation). His partner, Xiao Wen, was not too bad off either, a VJ student drawing in Raffles’ students. Maybe he spent his first three months in RJ? I would never know. There goes the J5’s stories about enmity between RJ and VJ students. Well, at least I am still quite sure that the enmity of AC and RJ students are concrete solid, although I have completely no idea why.

Wow, this is quite the long post. I should just terminate things here and continue next time.


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