RP: Monday Again

It is Monday again. This week, I have a Physics CA on Waves and Oscillations, which I do not feel very comfortable about. That is, in addition to my A*STAR Presentation also on Wednesday, did not serve to make my week. In fact, before this week is over, I will probably run into a great number of problems too, just based solely on the fact that I am having problems just finishing what I targeted for my homework.

It would seem that I am losing my spirit to strive to achieve anymore. This strikes me as surprising, since I had always tried and tried, and not believed that there is something I completely could not do if I put my effort in it. However, considering the way of life here, it is not really that hard to change a person. Stress can bend you in many different and interesting ways.

Moving on, I have decided to take on the GYLC. That also meant quite some running around school to get my records in order. At any rate, for today, my J5 senior finally managed to bring someone else along for the CWC meeting. I was quite surprised when he was introduced as the top student of his cohort and was accepted into Harvard University on a full scholarship. Looks like Yap Xiong wasn’t lying when he said most of the CWC people move on to very bright prospects in life. It looks like I should aspire to do so as well.


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