RP: Chemistry SPA

Today is the Chemistry SPA for Skill A, the planning skill. Thanks to a few cryptic (okay, maybe not so cryptic) hints dropped by the teacher last week, it was a breeze to take the test. I just sat at the exam hall (lab, more likely) regurgitating what I had spent 40 minutes painstakingly memorising just before the exam. Suddenly, I felt that I was back in Malaysia, taking just another routine paper. It was so relaxing, and I actually felt blissful in an exam, knowing that I probably not only aced it, but aced it well.

Moving back a few days in time, I sent my laptop to the HP Service Centre directly after the CWC meeting and the dinner with Yap Xiong on Thursday. Gloria’s grandmother had just passed away and she had to hurry back to Malaysia, which meant the two of us ended up having what he called an *ahem* (insert synonym for happy here) dinner. Anyway, I sent it to the Service Center for servicing while backing up my stuff on the way. Needless to say, as always, I did not have enough time, and I ended up having to give them my stuff without fully backing up my Manga folder and My Documents, under the impression that my HDD was safe.

Tuesday passed by rather uneventfully; it was the day which I had the least to do anyway. Wednesday was the GYLC and Med talk. Of course, those promoting it had to sound convincing and be enthusiastic about the camp’s benefits, but I had the feeling that the enthusiasm somehow seeped into everyone that listened to the talk. I guess it means I shall face some stiff competition to get into the camp.

As I sign off, I am also reminded of another meeting on Monday evening regarding the A*STAR Closing Ceremony and ACJC Science Research Symposium. The former is on the 7th of February (in which I have to prepare to present and defend the poster made by me and Han Jun) and the latter is on the 12th of March (meaning I miss my uncle’s wedding and have to deliver a talk in front of an LT for 15 minutes – not fun, wonder if I could edge out of it). Looks like I do not have a very wholesome March holidays to look forward to…


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