RP: Old Folks’ Home CIP

As all normal CIPs go, everyone starts off dreading the day it would come (or maybe it is just me being paranoid – but it doesn’t matter, at least I know I had it). And thus, when I woke up this morning to another day of interrupted sleep, I wasn’t feeling all too happy about it. Nevertheless, I dragged myself out and went to get some breakfast. Considering the fact that I was a little late in getting downstairs, I expected the rest of SA1 to be ready to leave or at least getting ready to leave.

However, as all these kind of statements go on to say, the converse happened, and I was the earliest instead. After some frantic searching for people and a bus ride or two, we finally arrived at the Old Folks’ Home. Upon our arrival, we were given a briefing on the do’s and dont’s around the place and we were then off to do some gardening and decorating. Thanks to my job as photography, I was supposed to get to wander around between both, but due to the limited amount of help, I ended up decorating the place.

After the decorations were put up, we plunged straight into the games section of the day. After some games of draughts (which I accidentally won and got scolded for – I wanted to see how good they were and misjudged), musical chairs (instead of moving around chairs, we passed balloons and whoever holds the balloon when the music stops does a forfeit – in all honesty, it was rigged to give everyone a chance to be forfeited and here, surprisingly, some old people proved to be quite agile and escaped our rigging) and bingo (which the students gambled 50 cents on to make a winning pot – Ashwin won), a mahjong game started.

I actually had never touched a mahjong piece in my life, thus I was quite interested in learning how the game goes. After three hands being taught by Sangeeta and Wei Shen (of which I a considerable amount of beginners’ luck), I was finally confident enough to play on my own. Well, at least I made a lesson out of the trip, I learnt how to play mahjong. :p

Some of the older generation in Singapore can speak Cantonese and I encountered a few that could in the old folks’ home. Needless to say, after settling in Singapore for some time, I found myself struggling to speak in flowing Cantonese (I kept replying in Mandarin – which was highly weird for me). Perhaps I have to find someone to practice Cantonese with before I completely lose my prowess in it…

We finally left the old folks’ home at about 2, feeling quite happy, but also rather tired. When I reached the hostel, I was so exhausted, I plopped down to bed almost instantaneously (partially also due to sleep deprivation). *There goes my neglected homework…* Truthfully speaking, I won’t mind if they have this excursion again, just don’t put it so early in the morning…


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