Sunday… Again

Well, it just seems that my weekend has as well been wasted, for I did not do anything much at all, besides perhaps a little Differential Equations questions. Throughout my short mathematical life in Singapore, I have always thanked my lucky stars when I saw a short and straightforward question. Unfortunately, things does not always tend to go your way especially so when you absolutely require it to; the entire tutorial was applications questions.

Coming through all those work, I discovered that I still have left quite a nice sum to finish before I need to hand them all up. Well, some consolation lies in the fact that most of them are due later next week, but that does not mean I can be very lenient either, can I?

We had our first online CWC conference yesterday, just to clarify things out. At last, we settled on Friday at 11, but I will have to need to work some details out first. Apparently, my MSN account is also failing to connect, for some weird reason or another… Curious little affair we have there…


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