Rain, Rain, Go Away

The weather forecast for the previos week stated that we would have thunderstorms (as in thunderstorms expected) for the whole week. Although the week was not considerably dry, the rain chose instead to fall on periods which were highly inconvenient for everyone. The rain story aside, I went for the Malay welcome tea on Wednesday. Sad to say, I did not scout any potential MiQians, but to say the truth, I did not really try.

Truthfully speaking, with only the J1s to work with, I was not highly confident of our chances this year. Plus, I have absolutely no resource (maybe some, but that is it) on MiQ, which is also highly depressing. However, I still managed to have a fun time talking with Taufiq and Hilmi, and enjoying the games and food there.

Fast forwarding to Friday, it was our KI First Draft Submission for our IS, and I prepared something overnight. It was coherent enough, but it was not really to my taste. Guess some minor amendments would have to be made later… I just hope they are not major. We also had softball PE today. As a result of all the running and batting, my legs felt like they had screws in them when I walked back today. It was quite fun, but I think I might just pass.

Finally, the weekend has begun. I had resolved, during the weekdays, to fully utilise my weekend to finish off my homework and revise. Making a resolution going into the weekend is easy, but could I keep it?


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