CWC First Meeting

Today, we had the Creative Writing Circle’s first meeting to draw potential members into the CCA. In actuality, we had not expected anything beyond the arrival of a single digit number so, when I entered the room occupied by almost 20 very serious students, I was rather unnerved.

The beginning of the meeting was rather patchy, because we were grossly unprepared and off-guard. The latter parts proceeded rather well, though, I did make the mistake of waiting for people (who did not come) to arrive. Perhaps I should follow the official time to begin next time.

All-in-all, it was a rather successful outing (towards the end – and it was very much thanks also to Mr. Barry Woolhead, our new teacher-advisor, who replaces Mr. Sam Ng). The earlier negotiations with Fairfield also went fairly pleasantly, and we might just have grabbed ourselves a couple more CIP opportunities out there. Looks like CWC will undergo a revival this year…


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