SSEF Registration

It has been a considerable while since I have updated my blog. Truth be told, due to the enormous time constraint placed on me since I came back from Singapore, most things are but impossible. Truthfully speaking, I was not really expecting to see the back of my SSEF registration forms. The pressures that they had exerted on me was overwhelming, enough to drive a person up a wall.

Additionally, it was not the only problem that I am facing right now. With the KI IS looming in the horizon, and several other matters under my wing, it is beyond a shred of doubt that I will probably be worming my way through my J2 year. Oh, yeah, it is weird, but I don’t think I ever managed shake off my J1 thinking pattern. Already, we are seniors, and there are people looking up to me. It seemed like just a day, but it also seemed like an eternity.

Perhaps this is the perception time gives us when we are busy. If it was, I must have been getting a priviledged insight into the corporate world. This insight, unfortunately, is one that I can very well do without.


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