RP: Boxes and Books

As I checked into the hostel, a rude awakening awaits me. Entering the storage room at 7B, I was more than surprised to find my clothes strewn across the floor and my boxes literally all over the place. After an exhaustive few hours of transferring stuff to my room, unpacking and cleaning up, another revalation hit me. I was missing a box! It was the box filled with my Physics and Chemistry textbooks, and all my ten-year-series, besides the Physics edition.

Incensed, I lodged a complaint to the hostel authorities. As is typical of Malaysia, progress is slow. But here is Singapore, one could protest. Well, it is still taking way too much time, and truthfully speaking, I did not think for a single second that they would be able to recover the books. There had been too much free movement between the residents and outsiders that the books could very well be in America now!

Unfortunately, that is not the extent of my problems. Apparently, both of my partners (and me) had neglected to do any productive work for the SSEF application, and now, with less than a week to go, I was locked in a constant rush. Not really the best time to theorise about books growing legs and running. Guess I will have to bug them another day…


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