RP: The Return

After a very much lethargic and quiet holiday, it was finally time to go home. I was pretty much resisting the whole trip; mostly because I wanted to stay. Truth be told, the feelings about staying this time were considerably stronger than the feelings when I first came as a J1 and was still elated by the then-just-ended SPM examinations, and mostly curious about coming to a new country.

Those feelings soon died out though, as I settled in for the year through J1. It had not been an easy year, with a lot of work, tutorials, and nerve-wrecking moments too. New bonds of friendship formed amidst the chaos and bustle of J1 life, but the foul stench of politics still lingers heavily in the air even among all the smiling faces of ACJC students. To the trained eye and nose, a gradual build-up of prejudice could be seen among the students, even among close friends who seemingly get along very well with each other. A good description of the situation would probably be walking on a tightrope suspended 500 metres above numerous hungry crocodiles in a sea of concentrated acid.

But, truthfully speaking, not all people gives you such and such an impression. Thus, sometimes it would just be best to be ignorant of such matters, as I have well learnt in my secondary school experiences, “Ignorance is bliss”. Ahh.. I am deviating from the main purpose here. But, in the end, I still got on the bus, and a fresh year of being a J2 awaits. More aptly put, a figurative hell awaits…


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