RP: The New Year

New Year was spent rather eventfully; I went to the movies with my friends to watch “Night at the Museum”. Initially, I planned to go to Bukit Bintang for the countdown. But then, thinking of the horrendous amount of traffic and the hour I will get home, I would rather pass on the thought. Before the movie started, we went for some drinks and snooker. During the game, I found out that I should play more, if I want to beat any of them at playing; my skills were completely second-rate. Might as well I take up some practice in Singapore.

The movie was highly entertaining, even though it seemed rather unbelievable. In truth, it probably managed to unlock our inner child and set free that little pixie to wander around. And as all children are, we are easily awed by what they show us and what they tell us. All that was left in our minds was the innocent wonder at how the movie managed to pull such a neat effect off. A hefty improvement from the Cicakman movie I watched earlier, which was in short horrible, terrible and vegetable. I would like to take this opportunity to warn everyone again, “Do NOT watch it! It is not worth you time!”

After the movie, we (I, Yong Kai, Shu Heng and Jun Chiet) adjourned to Jun Chiet’s house to play weiqi. Yeah, I can imagine what is going through your mind now. Starting a new year with weiqi? That is rather new. So new that it is revolutionary! So, there we was, staring at the black and white marbles and the wooden board till 4 a.m. before any of us wished to go home.

As I got home, I sank back again into the Wheel of Time for good measure. I knew I probably wouldn’t get to read in Singapore, so I was trying to catch up, in a sense. And there again, another day passes. At January 2nd, the hour of returning to Singapore is ominously close. I could feel the tightening of the noose already. Or is it just my imagination? Most likely not…


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