RP: Of Watches and Spectacles

My mother wanted me to get a new watch for any interviews I might have next year, for my old watch, a Casio G-Shock, would not stand up to the scrutinity of the interviewers. And so, I embraked on this wild watch hunt, surfing through pages of highly technical data, looking for an interesting watch, that hopefully, is quite resistant, and does more than merely show the time. Turns out, there are certain interesting things a watch can do.

There was one with the numbers all messed up, but the hour needle will always swing to the correct hour when the hour has passed. Gone are the days where watches can only show time. Modern watches have stopwatches, can withstand scuba diving, and could even measure the velocity at which you are moving. Rather convenient and handy, is it not?

My parents also insisted on new spectacles for me, as my old frame has broken down. As it turns out, as I was inspected by the optician, my cornea has some physical damage. Luckily for me, it could heal very quickly, but I am supposed to take good care of it for at least a few weeks. Well, that is another habit I will have to chuck out the window, the habit of rubbing my eyes. With luck, I will soon be forced to give up all of them…


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