RP: Christmas Version 2k6

It is Christmas! Normally, you will hear all these Christmas songs played on air and everywhere, and as always, this year was not that different. My brush with Christmas was not a very memorable one, for it passed by rather uneventfully for me in my room. But, I did at least receive a present from Auntie Sim last week at Uncle Foo’s house-warming.

Well, cheers to a relatively eventless Christmas for me, a silence broken only by the gentle serenade of the music, a couple of movies and several conversations between friends. It would seem that what some people say are true; we could always write and gripe about uncomfortable feelings, but when it comes to happy feelings, we find ourselves at a loss of words. Not many could set out to describe an ecstatic experience with great detail and precision, but with misery, even the meanest writer can present a semblance of fear. Is our world already so grim?

Ah, but I should not think of this in this blissful hour. Let the world be as it is for a while; it will not run away, and I could always debate upon this matter later.


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